Meet The Team

Glen Jerimiah – Band Leader

Laboratories Support Team Lead – As one of the founder’s of Masology MaKING Carnival®, I’m proud to foster a fun and safe space for families, youth, and people from all backgrounds. My passion for artistic expression and community engagement has earned me respect in the carnival world, known for delivering innovation and incredible experiences year after year.

Marsha Jackson – Project Manager

Day to Day I am a Project Director for a Not for Profit organisation. I have a deep passion for volunteering within the Caribbean community. Not only am I an executive member for the Grenadian Benevolent Society (GBS), and the Emancipated Run Crew (ERC), I am also an active participant within the MaKing Mas/ Masology carnival band, I relish the vibrant showcase of my culture across the two days of Carnival in the UK. My role within the MaKing carnival band and Masology brand is project management & administrative support, as well a on the day logistic during the two days of Carnival.

Rudi – Delivery Manager

My day to day role consists of delivering projects on the London underground fleet networks, I have a profound love for Caribbean culture and its dynamic community. I delight in the spirited music and the celebratory atmosphere of the carnival, which beautifully highlights our shared heritage. Within the MaKING carnival band I lead in the delivery bringing a wealth of knowledge having actively supported a number of bands at the Notting hill 2 day event, I lead in the delivery of the MaKing carnival ban objectives pulling all the various aspects together, along with building the Masology brand.

Danny Sylvester – Head Of Finance

As a lead technician infrastructure architect based in London, I am deeply passionate about Caribbean culture and its vibrant community. I relish the lively music and the festive vibes of the carnival, which showcases this rich heritage. I assist with financial management and provide administrative support for the MaKing carnival band along with the Masology brand.

Jean Prime – Head Designer

I joined MaKing Carnival as a designer over 10 years ago.
My first memory of carnival was as a child in Aruba watching the parade. I was captivated by a
mermaid on a float, particularly when she fell off her perch and had to be lifted back on.
I have worked as a fashion designer for many years and taught the subject.
My passion for community involvement paired with my love for design and all things creative has
made carnival the perfect platform to combine the two.
To see the costumes on the road after the many months of hard work provides an amazing sense
of satisfaction.

Niasha Keens-Douglas – Lead Designer

Carnival has been a part of my life for as long as I could remember! My love for costume designing and production started while growing up in Grenada, spending countless hours in the mas camp “helping out” just so that I could wear a costume in the parade! By day I am an Accountant and Certified Women Empowerment Life Coach and by night I unleash my love of crafting and creativity as Lead Designer of Masology/Making Carnival working along with my mentor Jean Prime to bring my own modern twist designing vibrant costumes while still maintaining the traditional art of mas production ingrained in me from my childhood.

Trevor Greenidge – Head Of Logistics

Brewery logistics manager – the adrenaline rush during the build up and 2 day event has made the Notting hill carnival a must for me. The nostalgic vibes , music (old and new), vivacious costumes which become more extravagant year on year, along with the community spirit, where we are inclusive to all, there is something for everyone!!!

Christa Ferguson – Tech/Digital lead

Day to day I am an Out Patient Clinic Coordinator in the NHS. My love for carnival started from a very tender age as a masquerader. This and being a trained dancer lead to me joining my mum in Masology/Making Carnival over ten years ago as the Children’s Choreographer and coordinator. Fast forward to today, I have now become part of the management team where I am the website technician and collections lead.

Valarie Williams – Social Media Lead

I remember my mum taking me to the Notting Hill Carnival when I was a young girl. I even participated in the children’s parade, which was an unforgettable experience. My journey with carnival arts began with MAKING CARNIVAL, back when they were known as Isismas. I visited the mas camp a few times and thoroughly enjoyed helping to make the costumes,
Over the years i have contributed in various capacities – hospitality, costume production and now leading our social media section, I am passionate about Caribbean culture, the carnival atmosphere and the community spirit associated with the build up and parade event.

Christine Ettienne – Project & Delivery Assistant

Notting Hill Carnival (NHC) has been a vibrant and integral part of my life, culture, and identity since a young age. It provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate and showcase the richness of Caribbean heritage, arts, and culture. I am particularly drawn to the family atmosphere, diversity, and inclusion embodied by the MaKing carnival band and the Masology brand.

My day to day role as a Team Manager for an Adult social care neighbourhood team, means I bring a strong sense of community and support to the carnival. I contribute in various capacities, whether it’s handling administrative tasks, assisting with costume production, or managing logistics for the two-day event. My involvement in NHC is a testament to my commitment to community spirit and cultural celebration.